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Are you worried you don’t “have” unique genius?

Do you ever worry if you even “have” unique genius?
Sometimes it feels hopeless – after all the effort you’ve put in…
…you’ve read books on how to “find yourself” and your “strengths”
…you’ve been to therapists to figure out what’s blocking you
…you get inspired by all the Facebook memes about finding your life’s purpose
…maybe you’ve even hired coaches to help you get clear
Yet you still don’t have rock solid clarity to articulate to yourself and to others:

Here’s what I do, here’s why I do it, and here’s how I am uniquely designed to do this.

Lack of clarity means that your work is still not an extension of who you are at your core.

Faculty members who have rock-solid clarity of their unique genius know 3 things:
  1. You’ll never find your unique genius by reading books, or listening to other people talk about it.  You might get flashes of insight, but that’s not the same as rock solid clarity.  It literally takes a rigorous methodical process.  Finding your unique genius is an ACT, not an insight.
  2. Unique genius is not something that some people have, and others don’t. Unique genius is an expression of who you are at your core. Find your patterns, and you’ve found your genius.

  3. All the books, coaches, and meditations have value – they contribute to your mindset, but they are not designed to do the work of finding your unique genius.


For example, a faculty member came to us after having done what she called a “load of work” to try to get clear on her unique genius and direction.

She realized that the work she had done until now was not giving her the clarity she needed.  She didn’t make herself “wrong” about that, or wonder if maybe she doesn’t have unique genius.

She simply acknowledged the work she had done to this point was not wasted, but, she needed a rigorous process.

So we started where we always start, which is doing the work to find her patterns, then looking deeper to understand how they manifest as a benefit to her work, and how to use them in our “Decision Grid” framework, to give her clarity on what to say yes or no to.

The results were extraordinary….

She said:

“My greatest success was that I got Crystal Clear on what I can uniquely do with excellence and impact, and that is helping me a lot to say “yes” and “no”. It is also helping chart my future career path with supreme clarity. I’ve said no to more requests in the last 3 months, than I have in my whole career.  Outstanding!!”


Now YOU:

If you have been trying to “get clear”, but still don’t have rock solid clarity on your unique genius, I encourage you to pause from all that striving and trying.

Stop reading the books.

Stop asking others what your “strengths” are.

Consider the fact that you are a unique genius.

All that is left to do,  is the rigorous work to uncover your patterns.

Ask yourself, in that moment of space and silence:   Am I ready to discover the patterns of who I am at my core, so I can align my career as an extension of my unique genius?

Allow your “gut” – your higher self – to answer that question.

When you get the answer, rest again and thank your “gut” for the clarity.

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The call is for tenured or tenure track faculty members who:

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If you are a tenured or tenure-track professor who wants to create your career as an extension of who you are at your core, book your free breakthrough call now.

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