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Are you “soooo close” to defining your unique genius?


As a tenured or tenure-track faculty member, you’re used to working hard at something day after day, week after week, month after month, and feeling like you’re getting closer, until you figure it out.

So it’s understandable on the topic of discovering your unique genius, you would endure a lengthy – and sometimes frustrating – journey of feeling “sooo close” and continue thinking.....

“I’m really close to figuring out my unique genius, I just need more time to think about it, and I’m sure I’ll figure it out.”

Perhaps you have been feeling “close” for 6 months…8months….48months…  or longer.

The downside of being “sooo close” is that each day you are “close” you are still tolerating another day, another week, another month of requests landing on your desk and not being crystal clear whether to say yes or no.

Another week, another month, another year NOT powerfully articulating your unique value in grant proposals or tenure review materials.  

The truth is, when it comes to your unique genius, “close” is not close enough.

You’re right.  Here’s why:

Faculty members who make fast and accurate decisions of what to say yes or no to, powerfully articulate their unique genius to others, and create their career aligned with who they are at their core, know this for certain:

  1. Each day you’re “close” and not rock-solid crystal clear on your unique genius, you add months or longer of struggle because you say yes to projects that aren’t a fit, grant proposals are sent out without a powerful articulation of your unique value, and collaborators drain you because you are fighting “who you are” to get the project done.

  2. When it comes to unique genius, being “close” is a major breeding ground for doubt.  Doubting your unique genius, doubting your decisions, doubting how to express your value in your tenure materials, doubting if you have value you haven’t been able to identify yet.  Doubt causes flip-flopping and suffering, and a ton of wasted time (time that you as a faculty member do not have to spare!).

  3. Clarity causes velocity.  Once you nail your unique genius – you can move VERY quickly.  You are able to make decisions quickly, choose collaborators without a doubt, create personal statements, and other articulation of who you are and why you do what you do with velocity.

For example, one of our clients is an Associate Professor who had heard about our work over two years ago.  

As a brilliant tenured faculty member who is published multiple times, and a speaker at several conferences, it’s understandable she assumed she could figure out her unique genius on her own and kept working at it – even after a long time of feeling “close”.

After too long being “close”, she decided enough was enough.  She decided she wanted and needed to be extremely intentional in what she said yes or no to.

That meant being 100% clear without a doubt, of her unique genius.

She joined the Pillars of Genius™ program and dove into the methodical, rigorous, highly supported work of discovering her unique genius.

The week prior to her private call to nail her Pillars of Genius™, she had received two service requests and was not clear whether to say yes or no.  

Because of our rigorous process, the moment we nailed her Pillars of Genius™, she knew exactly what to do with the service request, and saw how to powerfully articulate her decision in a way that demonstrated her unique value and the reason for her choice.

In other words, in a few hours she achieved precisely what being “close” could not give her. 

She went from “sooo close” to rock solid, crystal clear, unmessable-with. 

The power of clarity is so rewarding.


If you’ve been on a journey of feeling “sooo close” to figuring out your unique genius, I strongly encourage you to:

  1. Let yourself off the hook and stop pushing yourself for thinking you should be able to figure this out on your own.  You cannot see the picture when you’re inside the frame. You can’t cut your own hair, perform surgery on yourself (even if you’re a doctor!), or identify your own unique genius with accuracy.  And there is nothing wrong with that!


  1. Estimate how long you’ve been on the journey of “close”.  Approximately how many hours, days, or months have you spent thinking about what is your unique genius, trying to figure it out yourself, and feeling “close” but not quite there?  


  1. Take a moment by yourself and check in with your gut instinct: do you want to go another day, week, or month being “close”, or do you want 100% accuracy and clarity?


When you get the answer, rest for a moment and thank your “gut” for the answer.

And, if your gut answer is “yes, I’m ready to be crystal clear”, your next step is to book a Free Breakthrough Call.

On this complimentary call, we will get to the source of what is blocking you from crystal clarity, so you can discover for yourself, what is the next action to take that is right for YOU.

The call is 100% free, and there is no catch.

But it’s not for everyone.

The call is for tenured or tenure-track faculty members who:

  • want to focus your time to be aligned with what you’re good at, what your values are, and your authentic self

  • want to clearly and powerfully articulate who you uniquely are, in a way that is a contribution and benefit to your department, university, and discipline.

  • are tired of trying to “get clear” on your own, and you want this clarity now.

  • are action takers.  You push through and get the job done.

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